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Gorge Electrical Services is happy to celebrate 25 years in business! We have proudly provided quality electrical services across Vancouver Island and genuinely enjoyed building personal relationships with all of our customers. Thank you for your continued business and support; we hope to continue serving the Victoria area for another 25 years!

Victoria BC Electrician Gorge Electrical Vans


In 1972, Danny moved his family to Ottawa, Ontario, where he worked his way through the trades to become the regional government’s supervisor for the water systems of Greater Ottawa, handling emergencies, high voltage, and all kinds of regular maintenance. During this time, he continued his electrical education — in high voltage and safety officer’s training — in Pittsburgh and Chicago, and he also founded his first company: Safehome Electrical Services. 

In 1993, after completing a business management program at Algonquin College, Danny once again moved with his family – this time, to Victoria, British Columbia – and changed Safehome’s name to Gorge Electrical Services. Danny quickly acquired his master license to operate an electrical contracting company and purchased his first company vehicle: a burgundy Chevy van.

In 2003, Danny’s son, Eddie, became a certified electrician and joined the company, making it a family partnership and becoming part of a fully licensed team that can handle all of your electrical needs. Known for its professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, Gorge Electrical Services is now one of the most recognized and trusted electrical companies on Vancouver Island.

In 2014, Danny’s Son Eddie, became the new owner of the company while still employing his father, mother, and brother, keeping the family involved in the day to day decisions. Several of Eddie's close friends he grew up with also work for the company, keeping the company tight and nit creating an overall enjoyable trustworthy experience for all the clients. 

Eddie has kept this company in shape with trips to CEDIA events around the US, receiving his dealer’s license for several automation companies including Control, Lutron Radio Ra 2 and Universal Remote.

The beauty of this company is that it is a one stop shop for all electrical requirements. From 1-hour service calls, fixing light fixtures to wiring Hilton Hotels, we’ve got you covered.

Victoria BC Electrician Gorge Electrical Armada-House-Residence-Arbutus-Rd-Vic
Victoria BC Electrician Gorge Electrical Armada-House-Residence-Arbutus-Rd-Vic
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