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Time to upgrade your home electrical wiring?

Electrical Worker

Taking Care of Your Electrical Dilemma

Gorge Electrical Services provides electrical services for homes and businesses in Victoria, BC and nearby areas. Our services range from small and large renovations, home electrical work and automation, to commercial lighting, heating service and more. Call us today and equip your home with superior electrical solutions at competitive prices.

Back-Up Generators for When a Storm Comes Your Way

We know that bad weather can bring an influx of issues to your door. A major one is power loss, and that can cause some unwanted stress. Grabbing a back up generator for those moments can bring a sense of relief that is well worth the investment. Here at Gorge Electrical Services, we're set up for all of your back up generator needs

Victoria BC Electrician thunder storm over home

Electrical Services

Victoria BC Electrician Gorge Electrical large building lit up from exterior

Home Renovations

Revitalize your home with our expert electrical solutions for renovations. Our electricians will ensure that your remodeling project has safe, efficient, and modern electrical systems. We'll install these systems in your kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, or entire living space.

Business Lighting Solutions

Improve your office lighting to boost productivity and create a welcoming environment for your staff and customers. We can make your commercial space well-lit, efficient, and attractive with energy-saving LED lights and customizable designs.

Home Lighting & Electrical

Enhancing your home's mood and ambiance by upgrading your interior and exterior lighting. Gorge Electrical offers various options like can lights, track lighting, outdoor lighting, and chandeliers, with changing standards and technologies.

Victoria BC Electrician Gorge Electrical thermostat knob
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Heating Service and Repair

Gorge Electrical offers trustworthy heat pump and furnace corrections and efficient installations for radiant in-floor heating. They offer affordable heat pump sales and installations to keep your home warm in winter and save you money.

EV Charging Stations

Gorge Electrical simplifies EV charging station installations, providing convenience and rapid charging for electric vehicle owners. We check your home or business's electrical capacity and make sure it meets safety and performance standards. This makes it easy to switch to electric vehicles in Victoria, BC.

Home Automation

Experience the future of smart living with our cutting-edge home automation solutions. From controlling your lighting, security, and climate to managing entertainment systems, we'll transform your home into an intelligent, connected oasis.

Victoria BC Electrician Gorge Electrical updating wiring in panel
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Knob & Tube Wiring 

Replacing old knob and tube wiring in Victoria homes improves the safety and modernizes the electrical system. This, in turn, alleviates insurance concerns associated with this outdated method. Our experienced electricians will carefully assess your wiring, design the necessary replacements, and execute the upgrade.

Panel Upgrades

Improve safety and convenience by updating your old electrical panel with a modern, code-compliant system. Replace potential dangers from older fuse panels. Upgrading your panel is important for meeting current electrical needs, ensuring reliable circuits, and avoiding insurance issues.

Fire Alarm

Our dedicated experts prioritize the safety of your properties by providing comprehensive fire alarm services, including system installation, routine inspections, meticulous maintenance, expert repair, and efficient replacement.

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Our Clients Love Working With Us

"Gorge electric has completed many projects for our business. Very professional service and the team always show up promptly."

Shane S.

August 2018

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